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We spend lots of time on this hobby together realizing great projects which involves computers, Arduino, Raspberry Domoticz etc.
We’re both ham radio operators. We’re trying to get as much as possible of our projects on this website.

As computer enthousiast and plays a lot with webservers, virtual machines, and for example domotics.
You may find many random notes on this site. Feel free to you this info for your own projects.
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Live ADS-B receiver by PH-4GC

Yesterday my friend Theo put his new ADS-B receiver online.

The system is running on a Raspberry Pi.

Feel free to look at the live map at:

Theo is a drone pilot who makes beautiful aerial photos and video’s. If you are interested, hit the external link Visual Heights on this website.

PfSense on Zotac Zbox CI327

Some helpfull notes when installing pfSense on your Zotac Zbox CI327.

Install from usb stick

  • Preparing the drive
  • Download pfsense image
  • Write image to drive

Known problems you can run in to.

CI327 has Realtek NIC’s. For the best performance, you need to tweak some settings in the Gui:


  • CHECK Disable hardware checksum offload
  • CHECK Disable hardware TCP segmentation offload
  • CHECK Disable hardware large receive offload

Hanging during boot time

Boot hangs showing the following line:

Timecounter “HPET” frequency 19200000 Hz quality 950

You can solve this by disabling in Bios:
/Features/CPU Configuration/Monitor M-Wait -> disabled