RF-V16 Config commands

Set master phone number

Password = 123456 (default)
Phonenumber = +31619xxxxxx (fill in complete number)


Return message:

0031619xxxxxx has been set for the master number sucessfully.

Set APN settings

for example Dutch provider Simyo.nl
APN = portalmmm.nl
Port = 5080
User = empty
Password = empty


Return message:

Apn set succesfully! Reboot system now ...

Optional commands

lag,1# — Change the language to 1=Chinese (default), 2=English, 3=Russian dsp# — Device status and work situation
gon# — Turn on the tracking function (factory default)
goff# — Turn off the tracking function
aj# — Set push to answer incoming call (fatory default)
mt# — Auto-answer handsfree incoming call
jy# — Silence monitoring
dw# — Check position
tim,10# — Setting interval of the position data upload (factory default is 10 mins)
lon# — Turn on indicator light (factory default)
loff# — Turn off indicator light
dndoff# — Turn off DO NOT DISTURB in push-to-talk mode (factory default)
dndon# — Turn on DO NOT DISTURB in push-to-talk mode

See also:

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