Traccar installation on Raspberry Pi

Download and install Traccar

Download Traccar


Unzip downloadfile


Remove zipfile


Run install script

sudo ./

Start Traccar Server

sudo java -jar /opt/traccar/tracker-server.jar

Optional configuration

Make autostart on boot

Start crontab

crontab -e

Add following line to the bottom of the file

@reboot /usr/bin/nohup /usr/bin/java -jar /opt/traccar/tracker-server.jar

Exit crontab and save file

Reboot Raspberry Pi

sudo reboot


Use an external MySQL database like Synology

By default Traccar Server uses embedded H2 database. If you want to use MySQL database engine you need to replace following lines in configuration file:

<entry key='database.driver'>org.h2.Driver</entry>
<entry key='database.url'>jdbc:h2:/home/user/Documents/traccar/target/database</entry>
<entry key='database.user'>sa</entry>
<entry key='database.password'></entry>

Configuration parameters for MySQL (replace, [DATABASE], [USER], [PASSWORD] with appropriate values):

<entry key='database.driver'>com.mysql.jdbc.Driver</entry> 
<entry key='database.url'>jdbc:mysql://[DATABASE]?allowMultiQueries=true&amp;autoReconnect=true&amp;useUnicode=yes&amp;characterEncoding=latin1&amp;sessionVariables=sql_mode=ANSI_QUOTES</entry>
<entry key='database.user'>[USER]</entry> 
<entry key='database.password'>[PASSWORD]</entry>

NOTE: Traccar will create tables for you, but you need to create database with selected name by yourself.

Configuration of devices


Device transmits on port 5005. Traccar listens default to this protocol (H02) on port 5013. Make port forward in router 5005 → 5013 or swap port numbers in .xml configuration file.

Known issues

Using Synology MySQL database (update)

= (UPDATE) PROBLEM SOLVED in version 3.4 = You can make version 3.3 work with the Synology MySQL database with a small modification. Change in the .XML configurationfile ‘UTF-8’ to ‘latin-1’. The developer know this problem and it will be solved in the near future.

Version 3.2 works great without this specific modifcation

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