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  • Remove Proxmox 6.x/5.1+ Subscription Notice

    (source: https://johnscs.com/remove-proxmox51-subscription-notice/) With the release of Proxmox 5.1 and newer (including 6.2) you’ll find the code related to the no subscription message that pops up on login has changed and prior instructions for removing it wont work. To remove “You do not have a valid subscription for this server” run the command bellow. You will…

  • Xpenology Proxmox e1000e driver

    To get the e1000e driver working, do the following steps: Make backup

  • Proxmox gui not responding

    Proxmox gui not responding

    It could happen that the Proxmox GUI is not responding to http request.One reason could be that the webdaemon is not running or has crashed. Try restart of the service:

  • Proxmox – Add external usb drive to LXC container

    Proxmox – Add external usb drive to LXC container

    How to mount an external USB(3) drive to a LXC container In this example we make use of a Western Digital 1TB external USB3 drive. This device is NTFS formatted, which is easy to handle in Windows. Our container is used for samba services and has ID 102. At the host system (Proxmox) – Check…

  • Proxmox – add SSD cache

    Proxmox – add SSD cache

    To increase the speed of your ZFS pool, you can add a SSD cache for faster access, write- and read speeds. You have to make 2 partitions, one for cache and another for log. format ssd into 2 logical partitions, type 48. For example both partitions, half the size of the SSD. fdisk /dev/sdf Show…

  • Configure proxmox email notification

    Configure proxmox email notification

    Follow the steps below to configure the Proxmox email notification. Install the authentication library: apt-get install libsasl2-modules If Gmail has 2FA enabled, go to App Passwords and generate a new password just for Proxmox Create a password file: nano /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd Insert your login details: smtp.gmail.com youremail@gmail.com:yourpassword Save the password file Create a database from the…

  • Proxmox – Change VM ID

    Change VMID from 100 to 302 Stop/Shutdown a VM. Login using SSH to Proxmox Machine or using Shell menu in Web Interface. Rename image directory name and image filename. root@PROXMOX01:/# cd /dev/pve root@PROXMOX01:/dev/pve# ls root swap vm-100-disk-1 root@PROXMOX01:/dev/pve# mv vm-100-disk-1 vm-302-disk-1 root@PROXMOX01:/dev/pve# ls vm-302-disk-1.qcow2