Proxmox ZFS replace drive

1: have a look what is there:

ls -alh /dev/disk/by-id/
zpool status
zpool list -v

2: set the hard drive you want to change offline:

zpool offline "POOLNAME"  "HARD-DRIVE-ID or the whole path"
## example:
zpool offline rpool wwn-0x50014ee25ba1a5e4

3: change the hard drives physically
shutdown and replace the disk (no hot-swap)

4: create an empty GPT Partition Table on the new hdd with parted:

parted /dev/new-disk
(parted)# print
(parted)# mklabel GPT
(parted)# Yes
(parted)# q

5: replace them in the ZFS Pool:

zpool replace "POOLNAME" "HARD-DRIVE-ID or the whole path old hard drive"  "HARD-DRIVE-ID or the whole path NEW hard drive"
## example:
zpool replace rpool wwn-0x50014ee25ba1a5e4 wwn-0x5000cca27edf438f

6: have a look what’s going on:

zpool status
resilver in progress since Sat Feb 29 11:43:52 2020
328G scanned at 3,77G/s, 75,5G issued at 888M/s, 328G total
  8,83G resilvered, 23,01% done, 0 days 00:04:51 to go







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